All Band RF Distributing was founded by Daniel Homer to secure products with the best price at the best value.



Daniel's international business experience came from living, studying, and working in Taiwan, China, and the United States.

He began studying Mandarin when China was becoming a global force in manufacturing and earned his expertise by working for Jyebao, the Taiwanese-based products maker whose name means "quick and agile."

The experience showed him the need for a business that was responsive to requests for service, with the ability to find products that match specific customer requirements.


All Band RF applies a responsive business philosophy in serving customers from around the United States and Canada.

All Band RF is a facilitator between those who purchase RF products and those who make them. This is a pivotal position, giving All Band the opportunity to relay customer needs and concerns to industry leaders and keep customers up-to-date with new offerings.

The company specializes in Jyebao's products and is a Tessco Value Added Reseller to ensure your wireless needs are always met.

Service is backed by an in-depth knowledge of the industry and is offered with a personal touch.

1621 Perkins Drive
Arcadia, CA 91006
United States

ph: 626-836-2036